8:40 am Registration & Networking

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:00 am Panel: The Head’s of TA Debate the Future of HR at Your Retail Organization


  • How to decide if you need to build an internal talent team
  • How to calculate the associated costs/ROI
  • How to build an internal talent team

Streamlining Onboarding & Orientation for Efficient Frontline Workforce Hire

10:00 am Discover: Streamlining the Onboarding Process to Maximize Hires

  • Andrea Schulz Vice President, Team and Culture, Del Grande Dealer Group


  • How can we get candidates bought into our company during the onboarding process?
  • Keep communication strong, don’t stop marketing to them during onboarding
  • How DGDG have cut their time to hire to less than a week through strong partnerships with their hiring managers, as well as maximizing hires by instilling the company values into candidates before they have joined the company

10:20 am Discover: Cut time to Hire By 50% Through New AI Technology


  • Prevent new hires being snapped up before onboarding them
  • Streamline the onboarding process and reduce time to hire
  • How 7-Eleven have cut time to hire by 50% and have saved staff time, by utilizing AI technology to take over admin procedures of onboarding, meaning more time can be put into the people aspect of recruiting

10:40 am Develop: How Else Are Retailers Optimizing Their Stores Orientation & Onboarding Process?


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Focus Day Chair

Here we will address the nuts and bolts of onboarding and orientation with the following questions. What ways can we speed up the onboarding process between

a) first interview

b) being hired

c) start date? 

What technology can we utilize to help us streamline this process?

11:00 am Action: What Changes are You Going to Make to Streamline Your Onboarding & Orientation Process For Your Retail Workforce?


Output Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

11:20 am Networking Break

Utilzing Technology to Onboard New Retail Talent

11:50 am Discover: Limiting Candidate Waste Using Technology


  • Use technology to improve the way you are utilizing your candidates
  • Make use of centralized CRM and ATS system that can aid strategy for sourcing unsuccessful candidates
  • How Walmart are utilizing a new CRM combined ATS system that allows them to screen unsuccessful candidates for different skills, allowing them to limit candidate waste and recruit for other roles

12:10 pm Develop: How Else Can You Utilize Technology to Aid the Recruiting Process?


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Focus Day Chair

12:20 pm Action: How Are You Going to Utilize Technology to Source Quality Talent?


Output Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

12:40 pm Networking Lunch

1:40 pm Speed Learning


 In this quick fire session, each table will be hosted by an HR leader who will share the secrets of their most high-impact leap; you then get the opportunity to question the host before moving on to your next table.

Table 1: Discovering AI & Automation, & How it Can Revolutionize Your In-Store Recruitment Strategy

Table 2: Driving Change In Your Retailer & Gaining Executive Buy-In

Table 3: Building Resilience to the Seasonality of Retail

2:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference