Welcome to LEAP TA: Retail

LEAP TA: Retail  works because it connects you with the most forward-thinking TA leaders taking the most radical steps in the industry to maximize the value they are bringing to their business and their people.

With thought-provoking case studies, action-led discussions and ensuring every story shared is evidenced by the business improvement it delivers, we guarantee that your time and your money are well spent.

This meeting isn’t just unique in offering an industry-specific platform for the most progressive TA leaders to maximize their own business value; it’s also unique in that it rips up the rulebook of traditional conferences.

We believe the traditional conference format is no longer fit for purpose, so we started from scratch.

How it Works:




offer you the chance to hear the HR leaders in retail sharing the stories of what they’re doing to maximize the impact of their team and function on the business

provide you with the unique opportunity to have your burning questions answered and move beyond the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ to get to the ‘how’

divide the audience by company size and are designed to help you explore challenges with peers, and decide what you are going to change in order to add greater value to the business

“It was definitely unique, meaning it was not the typical format for a conference, but that was very refreshing. I really enjoyed the format of the presentations, and the opportunity to discuss each topic after the presentations was highly beneficial. The numerous opportunities to network with my peers were icing on the cake. Again, it was unlike anything I've ever attended. So, I did really enjoy it. Great.”

Monty Bell, Head of HR, San Diego Airport Authority

LEAP TA: Retail is a targeted TA event for Retailers who want to challenge the traditional HR thinking and not be left behind in the dust.

The biggest retailers are joining our LEAP community in 2024. Are you?

Want to Know Why You Should Attend LEAP TA: Retail?

Experience the most valuable TA Retail meeting. Learn from the success stories of your peers, uncover their solutions and unexpected challenges. Take achievable, practical and strategic plans back with you to your organization.

Create long lasting partnerships with your TA peers in the retail landscape from our esteemed LEAP community to share ideas and tackle challenges together.

With a group of NRFs Top 2023 Retailers, we’re bringing together an elite community of TA Retail leaders in Nashville, July 2024. Future focused Retailers like: JCPenney, Wayfair, Big Lots Stores, Walmart, LIDL and Guess? have already secured their place to the event to gain valuable insights and elevate their own TA strategies.

The Most Exclusive TA Event in Retail.

Your Ticket to Modernizing Recruitment & Maximizing Resources with Technology & People Analytics

This 2-day event includes a separately bookable breakfast deep-dive. Based on maximizing resources, modernizing the technology stack and creating a resilient future focused TA strategy.

Attend this pre-conference day to resolve the challenges that are holding you behind!